Welcome to Little Dragonite.

My name is Amy. I am 15 years old.

With this site, I hope to share with you my passion for art. My handcrafted products have been inspired by the colors of the universe, great books, wonderful people and the beauty of nature.

My feelings are reflected through the colors and technique I use.

Many people have been asking me about my jewelry and where to find them. I am happy to offer you a great selection of artwork hoping you can find exactly what you need.

Now, the idea behind Little Dragonite came to me about 5 years ago. I wanted to do something different for my birthday. So, I asked all my friends to bring me Beanie Boos.
I got about 50 of them which I donated to the children hospitalized at UC Irvine Health, Department Of Pediatrics.

At the same time, I started creating my necklaces as an art project and was very surprised to see how many people loved them.
I decided to try to sell them at a market day at school, hoping to turn a little profit so that I could buy things for donation. It was a real success!

Since then, I have attended several art fairs and the reaction has always been amazing. People found my necklaces really beautiful. More than that, they were really touched by the idea that part of the money will be used to help kids in a local hospital.

In October 2016, with the profit, I purchased art supplies and put together 430 kits which were donated to UC Irvine Health, Department Of Pediatrics.

That is how it all started!
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